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We practice accountancy in conformity with the highest professional standards while satisfying our clients by contributing to their growth and efficiency.


  1. Performance: We believe that our performance will earn us the respect that we deserve in the industry and communities, so we set a high-performance standard for ourselves, which is expected to be kept by our staff.

  2. Customer Focus: We believe that our clients are the bedrock of our market rating. We are therefore committed to meeting the needs of our clients and satisfying their desires by striving to offer them the best quality service at affordable prices. Therefore, in delivering our service to numerous customers, entire staff are expected to give priority to client satisfaction and most especially to respect all clients and their relations.

  3. Integrity: We demand from all employees with the firm to display integrity at all times. Openness, honesty, and ethical conduct must characterize all our transactions.

  4. Team Work: Due to our shared vision, we expect staff to approach their tasks with the spirit of teamwork, sharing responsib... read more>>

Our Services

As experienced experts with over four decades of experience, we render the various types of services.

Audit & Assurance

At Lafenwa Osiberu & Co (LOC), we deliver a wide range of Audit and Assurance Services to our clients. These services m... read more>>

Tax Services

As Tax Advisor, we advise corporate clients and individuals on matters surrounding tax matters. With our specialized... read more>>

Accounting Services

Managing a profitable and successful business besides the general entrepreneurial skill required the need for an... read more>>


Our consultancy division provides various services as are within our core competence. We provide advisory services for companies undergoing restructuring, re-... read more>>

Insolvency & Liquidation

At Lafenwa Osiberu & Co., we are experienced in insolvency and debt/loan recovery. We carry out these... read more>>

Debt Recovery

We are well known with debt recovery and collection service in Nigeria. Our years of experience and siuccess records has made us the first in Nigeria when it com... read more>>

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